This Week in Science: June 1-7

This week, I kept tabs on some of the science that grabbed my attention. It ranges from the Big Bang to dead ducks to the periodic table. Enjoy!

I found this song about the Cambrian Explosion from the band Brighter Lights, Thicker Glasses.

This video shows the evolution of the turtle shell.

It’s Okay To Be Smart’s video about the sound of the Big Bang is super fascinating!

ASAP Science’s song about the Periodic Table is very catchy.

Carl Zimmer, Ed Yong, and Christie Wilcox all published blog posts about the loss of penises in birds.

Yesterday was Dead Duck Day, which will make more sense after you watch this video.

Follow paleontologist Brian Switek on Twitter for updates on his dinosaur dig in Utah!

Marine biologists went nuts for this rare video of an oarfish.

If you’re looking for science on Vine, check out Kyle Hill (Sci_Phile) for 6 second bits of science.

Kate Wong talked to Dr. Dan Fisher (one of my former professors) about the possibility of liquid mammoth blood.


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