Word Wednesday: Back to Basics I

We’ve covered a lot of words in the last few months and that can be a lot handle. To keep all of them straight, let’s review some of the most common!


Bio comes from the Greek word bios which means life.


Cen can either be used as a prefix or a suffix. It comes from the Greek word kainos which means new or recent.


Di is a Greek word meaning two.


Meso comes from the Greek word mesos which means middle.


One of the most common endings in science (and academia in general), ology comes from the Greek word logia and refers to a branch of knowledge.


Ornitho comes from the Greek word ornis which means bird.


Paleo comes from the Greek word palaio which means ancient.


Ptera can be used as a prefix or a suffix and comes from the Greek word pteron, which means wing.


Saurus comes from the Greek word sauros which means lizard.


Zoo comes from the Greek word zoion which means animal or life.

Online Etymology Dictionary



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