This Week in Science: June 29- July 5

In the United States, abortions are safer than childbirth.

Speaking of childbirth, the American way is the costliest in the world.

Ladybusiness Anthropologist Throws Up Hands, Concedes Men Are the Reason for Everything Interesting in Human Evolution.”

The Brain Scoop talks about elephants and squirrels of unusual size.

Human ancestors might have scrambled before they walked.

130 years of climate change, on the cello.

Just as predicted, the southwestern U.S. experienced world record heat.

When talking about climate change, it’s all about scale.

New US Forest Service regulations could have a negative impact on paleontology.

“Bigfoot” DNA is really just a mix of opossum and other species.

What do you really know about dopamine?

Vibrating Genitals may Ward off Predators.”

Seven ways to study whales without killing them.

I recommend following @realscientists on Twitter, if you’re not already.

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