This Week in Science: July 20-26

How to sex a chicken.

Pigs and pandemics.

Hercules doesn’t follow the laws of physics.

Saturn wouldn’t actually float in water.

Why ostriches have better legs than we do.

Richard Feynman was a brilliant, fascinating individual.

Real prisoners don’t act like the ones in the ‘Prisoner’s Dilemma’.

The Victorians’ interpretation of dinosaurs is the reason why I love Iguanodon.

People got to Madagascar earlier than we thought.

‘The Lagoon So Beautiful It Had to Be Dyed Black’

Could you beat a T. rex at arm wrestling?

It’s difficult to become a fossil.

The Hero Shrew and its terrific feats of strength.

Why North American mammals are so tough.

Cheetahs don’t overheat when they run.

The Brain Scoop and Octopus Sex. What’s not to love?


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