This Week in Science: July 27-August 2 2013

Why be monogamous? The debate continues.

Many people don’t understand what happens to women’s bodies during pregnancy.

An extinction to celebrate‘.

What ants have to do with chocolate and agriculture.

Where’s the male Pill?

If extraterrestrials are watching Earth, they’ll see that we move a lot.

Cat lovers: you don’t actually know what your cat is saying.

These 3-D printed hermit crab shells are breathtaking.

I mentioned Nabokov’s cabinet of butterfly genitalia in a post a few months ago.

The bubonic plague is endemic to rodents in the American West.

Another reason why Jurassic Park wouldn’t work: that mosquito couldn’t bite.

Awesome infographic about the evolution of brain size in humans.

The Most Famous Extinction‘ and why dinosaurs were not failures.

Drinking milk changed the world.

An adorable new species of lemur discovered.

Some moths are cooler than butterflies.

Sunsets are an optical illusion.

Watch the Earth breathe.

Fossils belong in museums.


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