This Week in Science: August 3-9 2013

The race to find ancient DNA was typically bad for fossils.

We probably will never clone non-avian dinosaurs.

Some awesome geeky videos.

Why does your voice sound funny on a recording?

How did dinosaurs have sex?

“The Top Ten Weirdest Dinosaur Extinction Ideas”.

What happens when a mosquito bites you is more terrifying than I thought.

Five amazing recent medical breakthroughs.

Rabbits might have white tails to help them escape.

Surprise! Pregnancy varies from person to person.

All 8 species of pangolin are endangered.

Was Joseph Leidy the loser (and winner) of the Bone Wars?

I need to check out the Moss Garden and Lemur Collection at Duke!

The British keep finding bodies under parking lots!

Paleontologists may have found fossil ambergris.

Why museum collections are important.

The baculum is a fascinating bit of anatomy.

New flying mammal found in a bushmeat market.

In honor of ‘Cooler than Shark Week’, Christie Wilcox wrote many posts about real shark research: An open letter to the Discovery Channel, sharks are in trouble, ‘Shark Cartilage Won’t Cure Cancer‘, a link roundup, bull sharks aren’t so scary, and real marine biologists are really cool.

David Shiffman, a marine biologist, talks about Shark Week.

C. megalodon was amazing, but it is extinct.

Is Shark Week bad for conservation?


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