This Week in Science: August 17-23 2013

Some female bugs pretend to be males of a different species to avoid ‘stabbing sex’.

A whale carcass can feed polar bears for a long time.

Speaking of whales, here’s how scientists perform a whale autopsy.

Sometimes sharks ate dinosaurs.

What made early mammals special?

Neil deGrasse Tyson on the meaning of life.

‘If Mary Anning had been the only woman to wander the coast with geological intent, there would be no mystery‘.

You can see the California wildfires from space.

‘Multitaskers Make the Best Lovers, Say Tree Frogs‘.

How earthquake waves move and how we measure them.

This poor aphid.

This might be the coolest night-light that I’ve ever seen.

19th century paleontology has its pros and cons.

Male big horn sheep are either sexy or long-lived.

The importance of science outreach.

Climate change might be helping the redwoods.

How many eggs did dinosaurs lay?

Gender is complicated.

’16 Things BuzzFeed Doesn’t Know About the Ocean‘.


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