This Week in Science: August 24-30 2013

Scientists uncovered the largest fish ever and it has one of my favorite scientific names: Leedsichthys problematicus.

“How many species of non-avian dinosaur were there? We will probably never know the definite total, but we can be sure that there were both more and less dinosaur species than have been named to date.”

Hellbenders are making a comeback.

10 years of weather in 3 minutes.

170 year of hurricanes mapped across the globe.

New Australian fossils might help to fill the gap in the fossil record.

The British Geological Service has a 3D database of fossils.

12 animal adjectives.

These baby snapping turtles will crawl right up to your front door.

Young and old whales alike serenade the ladies.

Don’t wash raw chicken!

Scientists have discovered a new element.

Sleeping for 8 hours is a relatively recent development.

Were terror birds herbivores?

What causes Namibia’s ‘fairy circles‘?

Pterosaurs were massive and amazing, but how did they fly?

The Yosemite Rim Fire is terrifying and oddly beautiful.

Scientists recently discovered a ‘walking’ shark.

This baby pangolin is just too cute!


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