This Week in Science: August 31-September 6 2013

150 Million Years of Fish Evolution in One Handy Figure‘.

Why do binturongs smell like popcorn?

Why does the other lane/line always seem to be going faster?

Data from the LHC supports the Multiverse Hypothesis.

Making the transition from meat-eating dinosaur to plant-eating dinosaur is tough (and strange).

Tiny frog uses its mouth to hear.

Without sea ice, walruses now rest on Alaskan beaches.

How do you find amber with rare ants inside? By licking it, of course!

Fossilization makes organisms look more primitive.

Babies tune in to the sound of human voices and lemur calls.

You’ve probably never heard of the baubellum, and that’s okay because you don’t have one.

Elephant poaching has increased and you can thank the government budget sequester.

LEGO has introduced its first female scientist minifigure (and I want one).

You can draw an elephant using only mathematical formulas.

Ever wondered where third nipples come from?

Life In A Rapidly Shrinking Puddle‘.

Monkey alarm calls change according to predator location.

Sorry y’all, cow tipping is a myth.

Was Diana Nyad really at risk of sharks during her swim?

Dinosaurs held their tails aloft, so why do we find tail drag marks?

Here are footprints from some of the last on the dinosaurs.

Be careful, your car might melt in the light from a skyscraper.

New ‘ventriloquist’ bird discovered in the Philippines.

Something is making these tiny towers surrounded by fences, but scientists don’t know what.

Some frogs use thumb spikes to inject pheromones into females while mating.

We’ve discovered most mammals and birds, but we have a long way to go with insects!

I have a deep, abiding love for both geologic maps and national parks, so I think these are beautiful.

Saber-tooth cat fossils found in Venezuela.

Red honey‘ is the disgusting by-product of feeding bees candy.

As I’ve told countless children on my tours, just because it has -saurus in its name does not mean that it’s a dinosaur.

What sound does a fox make?


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