This Week in Science: September 7-13 2013

A British man released 1,000 crickets into his garden because he liked the sound.

Why did T. rex have such short arms?

Not even Darwin liked vultures and now they face extinction.

Climate Change Leaves Hares Wearing The Wrong Colors‘.

Sauropod neck bones are cool.

Newts are also cool.

Why islands make little animals big and big animals little.

How did Tiktaalik, one of the earliest amphibians, move?

How Many Continents Does Katy Perry’s “Roar” Video Take Place On Simultaneously?’

I love when paleontologists attempt to reconstruct paleopathologies, this time with tiger claw marks.

‘How Chemistry Can Explain the Difference Between Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey‘.

I never realized that squirrels cause so many power outages.

It was Stephen Jay Gould’s birthday this week.

Lions need to cuddle.

Don’t worry about the Triceratops v. Torosaurus debate. It’s ongoing.

Of Glacier National Park’s original 150 glaciers, only 25 remain.

Who knew that blowing out a candle could be so beautiful?

Mosasaurs were fast and fearsome.

An interactive map of what the world would look like if all the world’s ice melted.

Who invented clothes?

Some scientists are spies and some spies love frogs.

How to prevent birds from running in to your windows.

To paleontologists, the most important dinosaurs aren’t the most famous.

How much energy does it take to vaporize a human?

Why the Hawaiian molasses spill is worse than an oil spill.

Sorry Sir David Attenborough, but humans are still evolving.

Who knew that some insects have gears on their legs?

The mouth of a leatherback sea turtle is a scary, scary thing.

Some female squid paint themselves with glittering testes for defense.

The amazing fossil record of turtles.

Yet another reason why Jurassic Park would never actually work.

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