This Week in Science: September 21-27 2013

Pregnancies stay with you forever.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Temnospondyls‘.

A Russian camera trap caught a picture of a golden eagle taking down a deer.

Trilobites were adorable and curled up into little balls.

Paleontologists found an ancient walking whale in Peru.

There are so many different types of snake fangs.

A sad reason why you should take care of your trash: Peanut.

In paleontology, the present is the key to the past, but the past is the key to the future. Fossil crabs might offer insight on the future of reefs.

This 34 million year old frog ‘mummy’ is remarkably preserved.

I’d never heard of a mud volcano before, but one in Pakistan was powerful enough to make an island.

Tiger salamanders are adorable, especially when they are CT scanned.

An interactive guide to the IPCC climate change update.

Time lapse of disappearing glaciers.

A half-ton freshwater stingray.

The things people do for science. This time, it’s scaring squid with a toilet brush.

I don’t know about you, but I love close-up shots of sauropod bones.

‘Your Dinosaurs Are Wrong’. I agree, dinosaur toys are terrible.

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