This Week in Science: October 19-25 2013

‘How many ‘human’ species are there? Is it even a real question? Why does anybody care?’

You want a great white shark on your side during the zombie apocalypse.

Even turtles get the bends.

The past meets the future: paleontology and photogrammetry.

The man who forgot everything.’

Since it’s almost Halloween: ‘Where did the fear of poisoned Halloween candy come from?

Losing fossils to thieves and private collectors is a terrible thing for science.

When did humans split from Neanderthals?

Caitlin Syme explains some of the details of her taphonomy research.

If only I had found a juvenile hadrosaur when I was in high school! It’s so cute! Here’s more about it.

Interested in paleontology? Check out the Palaeocast podcast.

Sorry to break it to you, but crocs eat fruit, as well as everything else.

And if you are curious as to how croc sex works

The remipede is the only venomous crustacean and it means business.

More on the Dmanisi skulls.

The level of preservation of these Archaeopteryx fossils is incredible.

Plants aren’t as harmless as you might think. Even plants you eat every day can be lethal if not prepared properly.

Why is human childbirth so painful?

How do scientists know the age of rocks and fossils?


This Week in Science: October 12-18 2013

Maritime Moose Sex Corridor‘.

Our planet didn’t always have oxygen in the atmosphere and the key to life came from life.

Giant Chinese salamanders are the size of a person, smell like pepper and sound like a child.

A lot of Snapple’s “Real Facts” aren’t facts at all.

The myth of NASA’s expensive space pens‘.

I love Emily Graslie’s YouTube channel and you should check out how she ended up being a passionate advocate for museums.

If there is ever a zombie apocalypse, nature will win.

Bogs, bugs and bryophytes: reconstructing past climate from peatlands‘.

Almost like Jurassic Park: a blood-filled mosquito fossil.

11 Unsung Science Heroines You Really Should Have Heard Of‘.

This might come as a surprise, but Finding Nemo wasn’t entirely accurate: whales don’t shoot water out of their blowholes.

Ancient oceans: their names and how we know where they were.

The Brilliant Botany YouTube channel is amazing and informative and I highly recommend it!

Which T. rex is the largest of them all?

Fish Evolve Stabbier Genitals When Predators Are Near‘.

A Nervous System From Half A Billion Years Ago‘.

Fossil skulls from Dmanisi shed light on human ancestors.

The government shutdown could have a permanent impact on science.

Check out this video about why paleontology rocks!

This Week in Science: September 28- October 11 2013

I was catching herps in South Carolina last week, so here are two weeks’ worth of links!

A British zoo bans animal print clothing.

The Way You Walk is Tied to a Hole in Your Skull‘.

50 years of space exploration in one beautiful graphic.

Sea sponges doing a spot-on Cookie Monster impression.

Conlangs are more complicated than you might think.

Do cloned wild animals have instincts?

Life is rough for the capercaillie.

You can track tagged sharks around Florida.

The golden tortoise beetle is absolutely adorable.

Some Medici skeletons showed signs of bone disease associated with poverty.

Salamanders are fascinating creatures.

A lake in Tanzania turns animals into calcified statues.

Fossils pushed back the origin of flowering plants back 100 million years.

Why do Prasinohaema skinks have green blood?

Have you ever wondered how strong LEGO blocks really are?

You can thank beaver anal excretions for vanilla flavoring.

A beautiful song about Dimetrodon.

It comes as no surprise that the government shutdown is terrible for science.

NASA is running low on plutonium.

Fossils are frequently uncovered by accident, like this dinosaur uncovered by a backhoe.

The antechinus has so much sex that its body disintegrates.

Don’t kill snakes. Here’s why.

Science needs more whole-body donations.

These swifts flew for 200 days straight.

Fossils should be studied, not sold.

Jaguars love the smell of Calvin Klein’s Obsession.

Flamingo skeletons are just as funny looking as you would expect.