This Week in Science: October 12-18 2013

Maritime Moose Sex Corridor‘.

Our planet didn’t always have oxygen in the atmosphere and the key to life came from life.

Giant Chinese salamanders are the size of a person, smell like pepper and sound like a child.

A lot of Snapple’s “Real Facts” aren’t facts at all.

The myth of NASA’s expensive space pens‘.

I love Emily Graslie’s YouTube channel and you should check out how she ended up being a passionate advocate for museums.

If there is ever a zombie apocalypse, nature will win.

Bogs, bugs and bryophytes: reconstructing past climate from peatlands‘.

Almost like Jurassic Park: a blood-filled mosquito fossil.

11 Unsung Science Heroines You Really Should Have Heard Of‘.

This might come as a surprise, but Finding Nemo wasn’t entirely accurate: whales don’t shoot water out of their blowholes.

Ancient oceans: their names and how we know where they were.

The Brilliant Botany YouTube channel is amazing and informative and I highly recommend it!

Which T. rex is the largest of them all?

Fish Evolve Stabbier Genitals When Predators Are Near‘.

A Nervous System From Half A Billion Years Ago‘.

Fossil skulls from Dmanisi shed light on human ancestors.

The government shutdown could have a permanent impact on science.

Check out this video about why paleontology rocks!


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