This Week in Science: October 19-25 2013

‘How many ‘human’ species are there? Is it even a real question? Why does anybody care?’

You want a great white shark on your side during the zombie apocalypse.

Even turtles get the bends.

The past meets the future: paleontology and photogrammetry.

The man who forgot everything.’

Since it’s almost Halloween: ‘Where did the fear of poisoned Halloween candy come from?

Losing fossils to thieves and private collectors is a terrible thing for science.

When did humans split from Neanderthals?

Caitlin Syme explains some of the details of her taphonomy research.

If only I had found a juvenile hadrosaur when I was in high school! It’s so cute! Here’s more about it.

Interested in paleontology? Check out the Palaeocast podcast.

Sorry to break it to you, but crocs eat fruit, as well as everything else.

And if you are curious as to how croc sex works

The remipede is the only venomous crustacean and it means business.

More on the Dmanisi skulls.

The level of preservation of these Archaeopteryx fossils is incredible.

Plants aren’t as harmless as you might think. Even plants you eat every day can be lethal if not prepared properly.

Why is human childbirth so painful?

How do scientists know the age of rocks and fossils?


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