This Week in Science: November 2-8 2013

How to pin butterflies.

Check out some of the coverage from the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Annual Meeting.

Selling fossils makes me sad and seeing them ‘advertised’ at SVP makes it even worse.

Check the blog Mary Anning’s Revenge. Amy and Meaghan have a hilarious, snarky way of talking about paleontology.

Is Europa Too Prickly to Land On?

Linnaeus’ type Asian elephant specimen is actually an African elephant.

This was a good week for dinosaurs! Deinocheirus mirificus, CoelophysoidsLythronax argestes (also here and here), and a clumsy theropod.

The Botanist in the Kitchen teaches you more about the plants you eat.

The oldest fossil tomatillo was discovered in South America.

Were sabertooth teeth deadly, sexy, or both?

The Animated Life of Alfred Russel Wallace, and a slide show of his life narrated by David Attenborough.

Why, and how, do leaves change color and fall?

One of my goals in life … is to make biology look like astrophysics.’

70 million years ago, a baby shark ate a baby turtle and died, and we know this because of poop.

Denali’s DIY ‘Google Street View’.

‘There’s a pretty remarkable fly photograph making the rounds of social media today, and while it originally had me going “Oooooh!”, the more I think about it, the more I feel like we’re staring at clouds.’

A New “Golden Spike” Monument in Colorado Marks Geologic Time‘.

‘We’re lucky if long-deceased creatures preserve anything relating to behavior. This is exactly why the few examples of prehistoric sex are so special.

Enzymes in acacia sap prevent ants from eating other sources of sugar.

Some tags on marine animals could double the normal amount of drag on the animal.

The Science Behind Earth’s Many Colors‘.

The science of Thor.

Crocs eating fruit and hippos eating wildebeests: animal diets are rarely straightforward.


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