This Week in Science: November 9-15 2013

Saxophone lung‘ does not sound pleasant.

I have a soft-spot for Ice-Age megafauna: here’s the Woolly Rhino!

Tyrannosaur problems‘ or why you should keep your files properly labeled.

Giant armadillo burrows are home to many animals.

Skulls, Shakespeare, and Tchaikovsky.

Giraffe necks are very strange. How many vertebrae do you think they have?

The Nazi Anatomists: How the corpses of Hitler’s victims are still haunting modern science–and American abortion politics.’

The Rising Star Expedition is excavating hominid fossils in a South African cave. Follow the excitement on National Geographic and Twitter (Rising Star Expedition, Lee Berger, John Hawks, and Alia Gurtov).

How does the world’s largest flower bloom?

Here are 5 creative and unexpected ways that some creatures use their genitals. Here’s another way.

Who knew that there is a saber-toothed opossum?

Armadillo’s bad eyesight could shed light on human blindness‘.

It’s a moss mimicking mantis!

Meet Kevin, the finest known Apatosaurine snout.

Mammograms aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

The oldest big cat fossils found in Tibet may reshape the feline family tree. And here’s some new research on the origin of domestic dogs.

Have you heard about Dinovember?

The Phylogeny of Little Red Riding Hood‘.

Statistics can be misleading: linking acacia trees to traffic accidents.

Do Dodo bones belong in a museum?

‘Paleoscatologist’ Karen Chin studies fossil poop and it has a lot to say.

Why do Americans refrigerate our eggs and should we? 

A gigantic Chinese cave has its own weather.

These fossil ‘walrus whales’ are really strange looking.

Some fluid dynamics behind wine snobbery.

Why are some South Carolina dolphins turning into half dolphins?


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