This Week in Science: November 16-22 2013

For as long as humans have gone to war, animals have gone with them.

How Goldilocks Moved to Space and the World of Economists‘.

Not very science-y, but I still like it: What deep thoughts do you have during a run?

Humans are very good at anthropomorphizing nature and that’s not always a good idea.

I learned that hummingbird banding is an adorable endeavor and that hummingbirds use spider webs to make their nests.

The microbial Hunger Games: one of the longest running biological experiments.

Here are some amazing animal hybrids.

The big-fin squid might be what my nightmares are made of.

Ever heard of Delia Akeley? The Field Museum and the American Museum of Natural History have her to thank for their elephant exhibits.

How much gold is Smaug sitting on?

Potential band names taken from scientific papers.

This suction feeding fossil turtle has a strange looking skull.

My Ecology professor had very strong opinions when it came to feral cats. What’s your take?

Sewage provides insight on cities’ drug habits.

How did microraptor fly?

Here are some fuzzy plants.

Reptiles aren’t stupid.

What would a post-antibiotics world look like?

In honor of Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary here are some Doctor Who themed stories: Might some of Doctor Who actually by possible? and Geologizing with the Tenth Doctor.

Many arthropods glow under UV light, which means they are having a rave without you.


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