Lots ‘o’ Links: Finals Edition November 23 – December 13 2013

The semester has come to an end, and I suddenly have a lot more time on my hands. So here is a selection of links from the last three weeks that you can enjoy during your Winter Break!

The Rising Star Expedition ended a few weeks ago, so be sure to catch up on the excitement.

Museum collections can hold evidence of climate change.

More geologizing with Doctor Who!

I Never Met A Fella Who Didn’t Like a Good Patella‘.

Fossil birds with false teeth were terrifying.

Get vaccinated: Guide to Forgotten Diseases.

A remarkably preserved baby dinosaur was uncovered in Canada.

The FDA is cracking down on 23andMe and here’s why.

There are deep sea invertebrates that eat only land plants.

More birds are killed by nuclear plants and fossil-fueled power stations than by wind farms.

A sneaky new cat species was found in the Amazon.

Everything you ever wanted to know about pecans.

Here’s a neat zoomable vertebrate Tree of Life, and a beautiful visualization of the geologic time scale.

I prefer Black Fly Day to Black Friday (but I still can’t get behind Spider Monday).

I get a big kick out of this list of insect adjectives.

The sticky ethics of displaying human remains in museums.

The koala’s mating call is nothing like you would expect.

Humans are becoming more carnivorous‘.

Beautiful scientific sketches.

How the platypus and a quarter of fishes lost their stomachs‘.

A billion years ago, North America tried to split down the middle, but it failed. Here’s how we know.

Cats Recognize Their Owner’s Voice But Choose to Ignore It‘. Here are some other obvious things confirmed by science.

Not all fighting fossils were fighting.

You should check out the Ohio Historical Society Natural History Blog. I especially like the Freak of the Week!

The Answers in Genesis ark is a really bad idea.

A scientist mapped the climate of Middle Earth.

Crucifixion is a terrible way to die.

Predatory birds might be one of the biggest obstacles for Amazon’s delivery drones.

In Search of the First Human Home‘. Here’s a piece about the author Ian Tattersall.

The rise and fall of the great sabercats.

Emily Graslie on online science videos.

Monitor lizards have unidirectional lungs like birds and crocs.

The “ghosts” of extinct birds in modern ecosystems‘.

In the books, James Bond averaged about 92 drinks per week!

Don’t Be Duped By “Duon” DNA Hype‘.

What is the sound of one ant walking?

Check out this TED-Ed video about mosquitos.


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