This Week in Science: December 21-27 2013

The Tetrapod Zoology blog wishes you a squamotastic Christmas!

Humans’ genetic history is a tangled web.

Feminine hygiene products can be dangerous to your health.

Some reindeer do have red noses, but it wouldn’t help them pull Santa’s sleigh.

If red nosed reindeer could lead Santa’s sleigh, how would the genetics work?

Geologizing with Dickens.

From the great Ed Yong: ‘Top Science Longreads of 2013‘.

A Natural History of Mistletoe‘.

You’ve probably never thought about it before, but it’s nearly impossible to castrate a hippo.

Any picture of the Milky Way that says ‘You are here’ is lying.

2013 was a good year for newly discovered animals.

NASA is preparing for an astronaut twin study.

How a black hole kills you and why it matters.


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