This Week I Found: February 1-7 2014

Another story of new species hidden in plain sight: this time in a boulder at an elementary school.

Monarch butterfly populations have plummeted to record lows.

Animals Sitting on Capybaras.

Megafauna feel greater impacts of climate change than smaller species.

The chemistry of tea.

Were Neanderthals humans? It’s complicated.

Week One of ’14 Days of Genitals’ (probably NSFW): moose antlers, the politics of bee sex, snakes and lizards have 2 penises, how to castrate large mammals, vervet monkeys have blue testicles, the logistics of squid sex, and the female hyena pseudo-penis.

Have you ever seen Stan the T. rex? I’ve seen him in two different museums.

In honor of the Super Bowl: 14 facts about Seahawks and 14 facts about Broncos.

Footballs were never made of pigskin.

It feels worse to lose by a little than to lose by a lot.

On the physics of field goals.

Pathologies are my favorite part of osteology and here is a collection of pathological skulls from the California Academy of Sciences.

Yes, the snow that paralyzed Atlanta was real snow.

Greeks and the secret of Sherlock’s mind palace.

Who Was the Snuggliest Dinosaur of All?

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Przewalski’s Horses.

Before dinosaurs, some awesome synapsids ruled the world.

These fossil mammals are why I study paleontology.

The Great Lakes’ water level is dropping.

The physics of falling cats.

Some fossils are weird: Atopodentatus’ skull in profile looks like a tape dispenser.

Answers to Buzzfeed’s questions from creationists.

I bet you don’t know about the woman who discovered trisomy 21 (I know I didn’t).

It’s difficult to make prosthetics for the Winter Olympics.

How the Cold War Created Astrobiology‘.

Chickens with artificial tails walk like dinosaurs.

Science, Humanity…and Spock?

850,000 year old human prints found in Britain are the oldest ever found outside of Africa.


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