2014 by the numbers

I love quantifying things, so here I go quantifying 2014 (I took the idea from Alex at The Lab and Field).


The roundtrip distance (in km) of my trip to Vancouver for the GSA Annual Meeting. (It would have been less if I hadn’t had to fly to Canada by way of Texas.)


The total number of page views on this blog! Thank you everyone for your interest!


The total number of followers on Twitter. Twitter has been my source for academic insight and I’ve had many great conversations with these people.


Page views for my most popular post this year: Video Game Paleontology: Piranha Plants, Yoshi, and the Fossil Record.


The number of people who backed my crowdfunding campaign to present at the GSA Annual Meeting in Vancouver. To be honest, I was surprised that strangers were willing to support my research financially. Crowdfunding was an eye-opening experience in many ways.


The number of posts on this blog. Abysmally low, but I’d like to think it shows quality over quantity.


The number of applications submitted this year.


The number of states I called home this year: Tennessee, Colorado, and Michigan.


The number of conferences I attended: North American Paleontological Convention (NAPC) in February and Geological Society of America Annual Meeting (GSA) in October.

Here’s to 2015 and a new set of numbers!


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