Curriculum Vitae


2012-2014       M.S., Biology, East Tennessee State University

2008-2012       B.S., Program in the Environment with Minor in Biological                                         Anthropology, University of Michigan


Paleoecology and paleoclimate of Cenozoic terrestrial ecosystems, Plant/megafaunal interactions, Plant and animal responses to paleoclimate change, Conservation paleobiology, Cenozoic mammalian megafauna, Comparative morphology, Adaption of hominids to climate change, Obstetric dilemma


2014                Paleontology/Museum Assistant (Geocorps), Florissant Fossil Beds                          National Monument, Florissant, CO

2013                Lab and Field Volunteer, Gray Fossil Site

2012-2014       Graduate Research Assistant, East Tennessee State University

2011, 2012       Summer Intern, The Mammoth Site, Hot Springs, SD

2010-2012       Fossil Preparator, University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology

2010                General Ecology, University of Michigan Biological Station


2014                Visiting Scientist, Hanover-Horton School District

2014                Lunchtime Lecture, Gray Fossil Site

“Back to the Future: Paleoclimate, Paleoenvironment and the Gray Fossil Site”

2013                Palaeocast interview: Geological Society of America Day 2

2012-2014       Outreach Volunteer, Gray Fossil Site

2010-2012       Docent, University of Michigan Museum of Natural History

2010-2011       Outreach Facilitator, University of Michigan Museum of Natural                             History



Baumgartner, Kyrie A. 2013. Paleoclimate Reconstructions of Three Mid-Atlantic Miocene Sites. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs 45:7 303.

Baumgartner, Kyrie A., and Meyer, Herbert W. 2014. Coexistence Climate Analysis of the late Eocene Florissant Flora, Colorado. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs 46:6 490.

M.S. Thesis

Neogene Climate Change in Eastern North America: A Quantitative Reconstruction


2013                Student Travel Grant (awarded by GSA)

2012-2014       Graduate Assistantship (East Tennessee State University)

2010, 2012       University Honors (awarded by the University of Michigan)

2008-2012       Marsh Family Scholarship (awarded by the University of Michigan)


Geological Society of America

Don Sundquist Center of Excellence in Paleontology


Microsoft Office, Stella, Vensim, ArcGIS, SPSS       Screen-washing

Picking microfossils                                                  Mechanical fossil preparation

Molding/casting fossils                                            Fossil repair

Public speaking                                                         Social Media

Community Outreach


Terrestrial Biomes                                 General Ecology

Human Evolution                                  Intro Statistics and Data Analysis

Human Osteology                                  Paleontology

Woody Plants                                         Museums and Society

Human Evolutionary Anatomy           Hominid Origins

GIS Explorations                                  Conservation Biology

Modeling the Environment                 Brave New Worlds in Human Reproduction

Bryophytes, Ferns and Seed Plants     Biometry

Topics in Geospatial Analysis              Paleoherpetology

Plant Systematics                                  Topics in Paleontology (Herpetology)

Topics in Systematic Biology (Domestication)


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